autosahko-kaavioDynawatt Function

The DYNAWATT 230V POWER SYSTEM consists of a belt-driven 250V 3-phase generator and an electronic control unit. This unit transforms the 3-phase Generator current into 230V, 50 Hz sine wave alternating current with a maximum output of 2000, 4000 or 5000 W. The system does not require additional connection to the 12V vehicle battery. It is selfenergizing and totally Independent of the vehicle network. The voltage and frequency remain stable, regardless of the generator speed.


Dynawatt Users

Mobile homes and boats might need power for a coffee machine, hair dryer or even a desalination system.
Police and other special or service vehicles often require a compact and dependable power source for tools, lighting, air compressors and even welding appliances…
Basically the sky is the limit!

pelastus-halytys Fire Brigade and police vehicles

Lighting, power tools, rescue tools, instruments and computers are operational faster - right where they are needed.



Communications vehicles
For radio, television and telecommunication, DYNAWATT supplies the high quality alternating current needed for recording and transmission appliances.


Special and service vehicles 

Special and service vehicles
Compact and dependable power source for power tools,lighting, air compressors, pumps and even welding appliances - in brief, for everything needed on site.



Transportation of special goods requires temperature control. DYNAWATT supplies the power needed on the road to cool or to heat the cargo compartment.



Mobile homes and boats
Air-conditioning, microwave, coffee machine, hair-drier, radar, pumps, desalination system - everything needed for comfort on board. Can be operated while travelling.